If you're interested in reaching an audience interested in the topic of remote work, let's talk! The Remote Works Podcast is a growing brand targeted at reaching those considering remote work, currently working remote, and/or managing a remote team.

Our podcast publishes every two weeks and follows one of two formats: either a discussion between the two co-hosts, or an interview format with a guest focused on remote work. Episodes range in length from 25 to 40 minutes.

Sponsorship Format

Each episode can have up to 2 sponsors that will be featured. Below are details of where the placements will take place. Sponsorship copy can be up to 50 words in length.

Podcast Episode - Sponsors will have their copy read during the opening of the show. At the closing of the episode, sponsors will be mentioned by name and thanked for their support.

Show Notes - Sponsors will be their copy included on the episode page as well as a link to their desired landing page.

Show Transcript - Sponsors will have a mention such as "This episode sponsored by:".

Social Media - The Remote Works staff will hand craft (and get your approval) a tweet thanking you for your support of the episode. You will also be thanked in a Facebook post (either included with the episode launch post, or a separate thank you post).

Episode Sponsorship Rates

$59 - Per-episode - Podcast audio mention, show notes bio & link, transcript mention, social media promotion.

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